Marine Upgrade Announcement of September 2023

Function Brand Software Version Details
Marine Diag EVINRUDE V31.10 1. Details Added
Add full support for all functions of G1 E-TEC, FICHT, DI series, etc;
Add basic functions of the G2 series;
Add Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German.

2. Highlights Added
Add the below special functions:
Engine oil type setting procedure
Run-in process
Winterization procedure
Trim adjustment
TPS calibration
Throttle lever type

3. Details Optimized
Optimized software.
Marine Diag SEVEN V31.02 1. Details Optimized
Optimized software.
Marine ECU Flash ECM V30.04 1. Details Added
Add ECM time modification function for BRP BOSCH ME17.8.5 TC1766(BENCH+P003)