2018- Nissan Kicks Proximity/Blade Checking 22-Digit Rolling Code for Other Manufacturers

Background: Partial manufacturers don't support free pincode key programming currently, for the convenience of locksmiths, OBDSTAR developed checking pincode function.

Remarks: Using OBDSTAR Key Master DP Plus & Key Master 5 one-click free pincode key programming.

Detail Steps:

①Connect Key Master DP Plus to a car, enter into[CAR IMMO]


③Click the newest PINCODE edition;


⑤Click [Enter];

⑥Read note, click [Enter];

⑦Checking pincode requires 8 credits each time, click [OK]

⑧Input 20 digits ID code reading out by the device from other manufacturer, click [Enter];
Remarks: 20 digits ID code(actual 22 digits, but only input the first 20 digits).

⑨Confirm 20 digits ID code, click [Enter];

⑩Check successfully, 8 credits deducted, click [OK]

⑪Rolling code has been calculated out successfully.
Remarks: Input rolling code calculated into the device of other manufacturer.