How to Program LEXUS RX300 2019+ 8A-A9 Smart Key All Keys Lost With the OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Key Programmer

Lexus 2019+ All Keys Lost Smart Key Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Gathering Immo Data:
  • Navigate: Select IMMO >> Asia >> Toyota >> Latest Software Version >> Manual Select Model >> Lexus >> Asia >> RX Series >> Proximity >> 2018- (8A-A9)
  • Execute: Opt for ‘Read Immo data’ >> With Gateway 8A A9 >> OBD, patiently wait to retrieve the Immo data and ensure to save it upon completion.

Step 2: Simulated Card Creation
  • Navigate: Choose ‘Make Simulated Card’
  • Execute: Select the recently saved Immo data, choose the Key Sim Simulator, connect the Key SIM simulator 5-in-1 key simulator with X300DP Plus, and initiate the generation of the A9 type simulated card (approximate wait time: 1-2 minutes). Upon successful generation, a simulator key will be produced.
Step 3: Key Programming
  • Execute: Move the simulated map near the start button and attempt to light the gauge. Upon successful meter lighting using the simulated card, proceed to use it in lieu of the original key for subsequent operations (such as adding a smart key). The simulated key should successfully start the engine.
  • Alternative: For adding keys (free pin code) or in scenarios of all keys being lost, programming can be executed via IMMO data files as well. Simply opt for 'Add smart keys' and adhere to the on-screen instructions.