After-Sales Service Guide

Super Aftersales Service:

1. 1-year warranty from registration for devices
2. 30-days return & replacement policy, doesn't effect seondary sales
3. One-lick remote assistant, professional technical support

In order to solve your problems more conveniently and efficiently, and also to save your time, our company will notify the following:

1. When “communication breakdown” appears during tests, it may be with following reasons:

A. The ignition is off:
The ignition must be turned ON during the test; for very few models, the ignition must be turned OFF and the emergency flasher must be turned on according to the device prompt before communicating, otherwise the communication will fail;

B. OBD Connector is in poor contact:Try unplugging and plugging the OBD connector.

C. OBD test connector is incorrect. Select the correct OBD connector for testing:

D. The software has not been upgraded to the latest version:
To test a certain model, you must confirm that the application software version of the corresponding model is updated to the latest, and the display program and the APK also must be upgraded to the latest.

E. The network is not connected:
For some new models, our device must be connected to the server via Internet to communicate, otherwise communication will fail. If the WIFI signal is not available, try to connect to the WIFI shared by the mobile phone.

F. The test path is wrong:Exit to select the correct test path to re-enter.

G. The vehicle's own communication failure: Troubleshoot and try again.

H. The device software does not support this feature for the moment:Wait patiently for software updates.

I. Device hardware failure: It must be returned to the factory for repair (or contact us for repair).

J. The software has a bug: Contact our customer service center for software program optimization.

2. If there are some models that cannot be tested or if the device cannot be upgraded, the following information must be provided to our technicial support:

A. Provide the serial number of the device.

B. Provide detailed vehicle information (test specific models, VIN code, Year, chassis number and region)

C. Provide a screenshot of the device prompt, and take a video if necessary.

D. Describe the fault phenomenon in detail (such as whether it is a mechanical key or a smart key, adding key “have a working key” or all keys lost programming, a key chip model, which step does the device have an abnormal prompt, etc.).

3. Handheld devices such as X300 series, F series, H series and other temporary upgraded models are less. Many new models require to connect to our servers via Internet for programming, so the handheld devices do not support programming for this model currently, only the DP and DP Plus tablet series can support.

4. Product registration details and upgrade process can be found in the device manual.
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